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Is there a special birthday or occasion coming up? Want to enjoy your child's spectacular day and
see their amazing smile instead of doing all of the work yourself?
A sizzlin' cooking party at Flour
Power Kids Cooking Studios will make your child's birthday or special event extra fun without creating extra
work or stress for you. You will have our entire kitchen studio to yourselves while we lead fun cooking
festivities personalized for your Lil' Chef and his or her friends. You won't miss any of those special moments
on your child's big day as we handle all of the details for you from the invitations to pictures and more. Many
dates can be booked months in advance, so call today at
(919) 889-2598 to schedule your Sizzlin'
Celebration! Let us help make this event one that they will talk about for years to come.
Birthday Parties: Ages 3 to Teens!
We do it all so you can enjoy your child's big day!

"This is the best birthday party ever!"
We hear those words every weekend from MOMs and KIDS at Lil'
Chef as we take care of all of the details so you can enjoy the big
day! From the invitations to the cake or cupcakes to the pictures,
we do handle all of the details for you!
Abby's Farmhouse Kitchen
Available for parties, classes & events of any size
Up to 18 guests.  Call us to reserve your date!
Abby's Farmhouse Kitchen: For parties up to 18 guests.  

Abby Avenue (our main kitchen studio in North Hills) is the perfect place
to celebrate your Lil' Chef's birthday!  We handle the details so you can
enjoy the endless smiles at your event. From the invitations, chefs hats
for each guest, cake or cupcakes decorated with your child's two favorite
colors, pictures, and a special web page (active up to 30 days after your
party) for your child ... We take care of all the details!  This studio
kitchen is modern and contemporary by design with bright colors,
mirrors, liquid lava tiles, a trellis, glass cabinets, two ovens and ranges
and a fridge where we can create whatever your child's big imagination
can dream!  This studio can accommodate up to 18 guests.

Theme Suggestions (& we can work with you if your Lil' Chef has other
ideas too!).
 Your Lil' Chef and guests will cook two items.  Once you confirm your
party, we will work with you on menu selections for your party from a very extensive
list of over 40 selections.  Below is a sample from our most popular parties.

*** NEW: Teen/Tween List: Exclusively for ages 10 and older!  This party is tons
of fun with more complex recipes including Cupcake Wars, Make Your Own Pasta,
International Cuisine and more!

Frozen!  Come on over for food from your favorite movie Frozen ... From Princess Anna's
Baked Snowflakes to Queen Elsa's Magical Favorite Snowflakes Wands to Olaf's Snowman
Pancakes!  We even do Kristoff's Kokoa!

Pizza Palooza Our most popular party - Lil' Chefs create their own dough, grate their own
cheese and slice and dice a variety of toppings.  You get to choose a second item too!

Princess Sample options from this menu include mystical moon pies, royal strawberry tarts,
sparking princess lemonade, enchanted smoothies, pink magical pudding, candy coated
dragonflies, princess wands & more.
Recipe selections from Pink Princess Cookbook by
Barbara Berry

Minecraft: Your Lil' Chef love to play the game?  Sample selections from this menu include
Golden Apple Dews, Red Rock Sandwiches, Building Block Mac 'N Cheese, Minecraft Stew,
Creeper Cookies, Golden Apple Dumplings, and much more!

Hello Kitty Sample options from this menu include Strawberry Swirl Sandwiches, Little
Ladybugs, S'Mores, Hello Kitty's Cookies, and Sparking Pink Lemonade

Glitzy Glamour Girl Spa Party We will sizzle up spa treatments for your Lil' Chef to take
home such as Berry Smoothie Face Cooler, Pink Peppermint Foot Glow, Pink Princess
Scented Glitter Gel, Banana Bread Beauty Mask and more! Ages 7 and older please.  
Recipe selections from Spa Princess Cookbook by Barbara Berry

Star Wars Sample options from this menu include Star Wars pancakes, Double Darth Dogs,
Wookie Cookies, Jedi Juice, Anakin's Apple Dumplings & more

American Doll Sample options from this menu include Julie's Sunny Lemonade, Star
Spangled Banner Bacon Bites, Rebecca's Strawberry Tarts & more

SpongeBob Sample options from this menu include Krusty Krab Pizzas, Pineapple
Smoothies or Milkshakes, Krabby Patties & more

Iron Chef We'll give your Lil' Chefs a secret ingredient and two teams will work together to
create recipes that include our secret ingredient. Recipes will be judged based on creativity,
appearance and taste... amazingly fun!!  Due to the time it takes for food preparation for this
party, we require a two hour extended party for Iron Chef parties which does incur an
additional $75 fee.  Please ask us for details.

Doc McStuffins  Ready for some fun with your favorite sweet lil' doctor?  We'll stir up a ton
of fun with McStuffins Stuffed French Toast, McStuffins Doctored Up Pizza, Swirl Stuffwiches
and more!

Pony Party:  Sample options from this menu include Chocolate Covered Apples, Winner's
Circle Donuts, Ponytail Puff Pretzels, and more!
 Some recipe selections from Pink Ponies
Cookbook by Barbara Berry.

Mexican Fiesta or Hawaiian Luau: Sample options from this menu include chicken and/or
vegetable quesadillas, hard and soft shell tacos, homemade salsa & .  Hawaiian theme:  
Molten Lava Cakes, Pineapple Upside Down Muffins, and more!

PJ Breakfast Party: Sample options from this menu include Lil' Chef's most requested
recipe... Buttermilk Pancakes with homemade whipped cream and strawberries, Mini ham
and cheese frittatas, breakfast blueberry muffins & more

Doll Tea Party Sample options from this menu include Enchanted Tutti Frutti Tea, Bitsy
Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches, Royal Strawberry Tarts, Tea Sandwiches & more.  
selections from Pink Princess Tea Parties Cookbook by Barbara Berry

Sweet Treats Sample options from this menu include Lil' Moon Pies, Molten Lava Cakes,
Super Duper Lemon Bars, Strawberry Shortcakes, Thumbprint Cookies, Pink Ice Cream
Sandwiches, Chocolate Fondue & more

Campout Your Lil' Chef sizzles up menu options such as Three Cheese Mac 'n Cheese or
Sizzlin' Campout Pizzas, and S'Mores and go on a "bear hunt!"

Superhero Dress your like your favorite SuperHero and join us for lots of SuperHero fun!  
Sample options from this menu include Hulk Smoothies, Superhero Omelets, Batman Pizza

Doctor Who!  Sample options include English Custard and Fish Fingers (not really
seafood!), Jammie Dodgers, Adipose Marshmallows, Dr. Who's Traveling Pizza and more!

What's Grosser Than Gross Not for the squimmish!!  Sample options from this menu
include doo doo drops, kitty litter cake, boogers on sticks, maggott sliders & more.
Cameron's Backyard Kitchen (Back Studio at North Hills)
Available for parties, classes & events
Up to 14 guests.  Call us to reserve your date!
Party themes and suggestions are below.  
start by selecting which studio kitchen fits your needs the most & call us to reserve your date!
What's Included in Every Party:
1) Pictures/Special Webpage: We will set up a special webpage for your child on Lil'
Chef's website where we will post pictures taken at the party within 7 days following your
party.  The web address for the party will be included on the bottom of the invitations & will
remain active for a minimum of 30 days after your party. A sample webpage may be found by
clicking on the following link:
http://www.lilchefraleigh.com/mcgann.html.  If you would like a
high resolution copy of all of the pictures, we can provide a CD with the pictures for you for a
$29 fee and we will mail the CD to you within a week following your party.  
Birthday Cake or Cupcakes: We provide a 10 " double layer birthday cake decorated
with dots and swirls, balloons, or flowers with personalized writing (Happy Birthday and your
child's name) OR chocolate or vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing in your child's two
favorite colors and stacked on our cupcake tower.  Since we special order each cake or
cupcakes from a bakery, you may take the remaining cake or cupcakes home with you
following the party. If you would prefer to bring your own cake or cupcakes, we will take $10
off the price of your party.
Chef's Hats: Each guest will receive a chef hat to decorate and wear at the party.  Your
party guests can take these home after the party.
Ingredients and Supplies: All ingredients and supplies are included along with paper
products, utensils and cups.  If you wish to bring your own special paper products, that's
great too but it is not necessary.  Your Lil' Chef will typically make two recipes at the party,
and those recipes will need to be selected ahead of time.  We will work with you to choose
your recipes.
One and one half hours in our kitchen studio.  
Beverages: Apple juice, lemonade or bottled water for your party guests.
An experience that your Lil' Chef and his or her friends will never forget and will
be talking about for years to come!
8) Lollipop Tree: All guests will get to visit our lollipop tree and choose a lollipop at the end
of the party to take home.
Invitations: We will email to you a custom file for you to print your invitations at home.  
The invitations will already contain the details about your party.  Just print and mail... or let us
print & mail them to you for $15.  To see a sample of our invitations, please click

Pricing & Other Important Details: A 50% deposit of $164.50 is due at time of reserving a
date.  The remaining $164.50 is due the day of your party.  The party includes 11 children
cooking at the event (the birthday chef and 10 of his or her friends).   Additional guests
above 11 will be an extra $25 per guest & we will do a final headcount with you the day of
your party.  If you have two birthday chefs sharing a party, there is an additional $40 fee.  
We require a 50% deposit at the time of reserving your party of the base party.  Extra guest
fees (if your participants exceed the 11 included in the party) and the other 50% remaining
balance is due on the day of your party.  The deposit MUST be paid with MasterCard, Visa or
Discover.  Please note that we do not accept prepaid credit cards for the deposit. Payments
in cash or checks cannot be accepted for the deposit unless the entire party fee is paid at
the time of reserving your party date and only if your guest list is less than 11 guests.  If your
plans change and you need to cancel or make any changes to the date or time of your party
reservation and your party is more than 30 days away from the day you notify us, we will
refund your deposit less a $40 non refundable fee.  If your party date is less than 30 days
away from the date you notify us, the deposit is non refundable, as we have very likely
turned away other potential parties in reserving our studio for your party. We do not allow
outside food for parents to be brought in for a child's party that is hosted in
Corner Kitchen
due to space restraints. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Do you sell Party Favors?  We do!  You are also welcome to bring your own.  To view our
party favors, click
Cameron's Backyard Kitchen is great for parties up
to 14 guests.  

Cameron's Backyard Kitchen is our newest studio kitchen in North
Hills.  Twinkling lights, a multi color chandelier with crystals and
more!  Ideal for parties with less than 14 guests.  We'll handle all of
the details from the invitations to the cake or cupcakes decorated in
your child's two favorite colors, two items to prepare at your party,
paper chefs' hats that the birthday boy or girl and all their friends
can decorate here and take with them.  Your Lil' Chef and his or her
friends will go on a grand adventure in this magical studio which
features natural wood counters, a huge wood kitchen island!  It also
has a full size fridge, a convection oven, KitchenAid Mixer, lots of
work space, hardwood floors!
This studio can accommodate up to 14 guests.
What Did Our Customers Say After Their Party?  Check these out for starters, and click HERE to see more!

"I want to take a moment to personally thank you and Chef Nancy for such a wonderful and memorable 10th birthday for my
Eden. She is still talking about how much fun she had with her friends. She was still talking about her Lil Chef experience last
night at bedtime. You and Chef Nancy were very professional and most importantly very personable. Eden will never forget her
Lil' Chef experience and promise you this is not the last time you will see us.   She is already asking about camp at Lil Chef." -
Katosha R Bryan